Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tape Deck Rack Repurposed!

So.... I wanted to bring these tape deck racks home to use for my ink pads like I see a bunch of my crafty friends doing. I quickly realized I have nowhere near as many ink pads as they do! lol. However, I AM a ribbon hoarder!! I'm always going out to get THAT ONE color I NEED for a project. Too lazy to go through the totes I have my ribbon in I guess.... so I buy a new spool, and it get's thrown into the tote with the rest of them!
I thought to myself, what can I do with these racks... and BAM! It hit me... I grabbed a spool to see if it would fit... and it did! SOOO... I stayed up all night and went through my box of ribbon and organized it all by color. ( the larger spools didn't fit, so I took them off of the spool before putting them in the rack) I really like it, and it actually takes up LESS room than the 3 totes I have had these it. Cleared off a whole shelf now! WOOHOO! ;) hope this gives you an idea if you have one of these oldie, but goodies!! Now I can see EXACTLY what I have and actually USE it!

In the other one, I used it for my ink pads, but then found a bunch of other little things to add in there, like my Stickles! I filled it up pretty quick, but just LOVE how I can see everything, and yet, it all is contained, with out having a million containers!!

Hopefully this will give you an idea if you have one, and don't know what to do with it!

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