Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Altered Slide Boxes

I bought these little white slide boxes in bulk for this purpose.... I wanted to make little chest of drawers to give out as gifts...
I started with 6 boxes.... and glued all 6 together to make a chest of drawers...

Once all glued together, I took the measurements of the inner box, and cut strips of paper to fit the outsides of them.

Once I scored them where the corners go, I glued the strips onto the boxes.

I glued down a strip of cardstock down to cover the whole outside....

I then distress inked the outside, and punched holes into the center of each drawer and pushed the backs of the buttons into the holes, and glued those down.

I glued flat back pearls to the bottom for feet, and trimmed the outside with brown ribbon.
I added some metal embellishments  and some pretty flowers.

All metal embellishments, buttons and flat back pearls are from http://www.miriamscraftingblog.com/  !! Go and check her out!!