Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just a little something to give you an idea of what I love to do!

This was my son's first birthday party. 

These were the cupcake topper I made....
All of the party favors and goody bags.

More cupcake toppers... for the oder kids...

An apron I made for my daughter for Christmas!

These are for babies. Toy holders, kind of like pacifier holders. Mine's always tossing his toys out of the stroller and car seat, so I came up with these, to clip his toys to, and keep them off of the floor!

Here's a bracelet I made out of ribbon....

Made these little snuggle blankies... they're great for baby shower gifts!

See... it's not ALL about scrapping.... I love to decorate the house too! Just covered the dining room chair cushions!

I love to re-use containers also. I changed these into ribbon holders!

This was a prize for a drawing at a ladies tea I went to.  It was a picture frame, with 4 layers of glass. I made it 3D by adding different layers, to each piece of glass!

My most favorite animal ever! Manatees! I can't ever find anything to use in layouts, so I just have to make them myself! Manatee paper piecings.

Just a little post to give you an idea of all of the different things I have made over the past year!


  1. Wow, so many amazing projects, you are so good. It sucks you are so far away.... come live with me!

  2. LOL!! I wish I could!! :C And thank you , btw!! :)