Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome to My Dad's the Greatest Blog Hop. Today we are honoring our Dads, Grand Fathers, Uncles, and Big Brothers... Who ever made a significant, loving mark in your life? Do you remember your father being so big in your eyes, that he could protect you from anything? He was the one who would barbecue or mow the grass. He would go off to work every day and come home tired and still make time to laugh and play. He didn't mind that every Father's Day, he got a tie or slippers. He was our protector!!

Today we have some wonderful, talented women who would like to show that their Dad is the Greatest!! In case you get lost the hop starts at Pamela ~

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I chose to do a Tiki themed card for my dad. He's a Disney fanatic, but his most favorite thing is The Tiki Room at Disneyland! He has a whole room dedicated to all of his Tiki collection. ( Mom's not too thrilled, but hey, after almost 40 years of marriage, she knows how to pick her battles!) SO..... I used my Luau Cricut cart and came up with this!


Lots of layers...

I also layered the leaves of the pineapple, and rolled them up to give them a cute look!

Since I will not mail this, I decided to decorate the envelope too!

 I love my dad so much and am SO blessed, that God put him in my life, to guide me and protect me with all of his being. I look up to him, and can't help but think, not just what an awesome man he is, but what an AMAZING dad, AND grandfather he is. He's not just there for me, but for my kids as well, and for that, I'm also blessed. Thank you dad for being a REAL man, and standing by your family through thick and thin.

This is my dad Bill with my son Tony!
( this is at Disneyland, and this is what he looks like all of the time! He's always been the "COOL" dad in the neighborhood with classic VW's and old Mortorcycles! He's a real Rock-a-BILLY at heart.... punn intended!) Get it?!? His name is BILL?!? LOL

.........AND... for those of you that have NOT seen my craft table he made for me.... here it is. This just proves that he's always supported me in EVERYTHING I have ever done!

Yes... it's a custom, wall to wall craft table that's as tall as a counter ( so that the little kids can't reach up and grab my stuff!!) LOL! He made this from ALL recycled/reused wood!!

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  1. Your card came out so cool! I love it, and I am sure he did too! He looks like the kind of guy who would collect tiki stuff, just that cool looking! :)

    1. He DID love it, and put it up on display with his other stuff! He said it belonged there with his other art!! I felt like a little kid coming home from school with a painting, and having it displayed on the fridge... he's so cute!! LOL

  2. love the card! and i love what you did with that pineapple!

  3. This is so cool!! Love the card and I NEED that table. LOL!! Have a great hop!

  4. I love your card! Its just perfect.. Tiki.. Love it!! I'm glad he loved it too hehehe I had to giggle at you being like a little kid coming home from school.. I would be the same way! That table is awesome! Oh! And the envelope is great too!! Woot!

  5. Love the tiki on your card. So awesome. Love your table.

    creativediva98 at gmail dot com

  6. Great card ... love the earthiness ... just beautiful! So glad to be on this hop with you!

  7. love your layout!! your dad sounds cool!! lol, he won how he wanted the room! I love the table he made you! Thanks for hopping with me!!

  8. Your Tiki Card is so awesome! And I love the pic of your dad and son. Too cute! Hugs,

  9. What a amazing card! It looks so real I cannot believe how your colours are just so perfect. Your write up about your Dad brought tears to my eyes, he does found like a awesome Dad and Grandfather and I am sure he is just as proud of you as you are of him. TFS both for sharing your talent and your feelings. What a great finish to a wonderful hop!

  10. Cool card. My husband is also a Disney fanatic. The tiki room is just a classic. TFS


  11. So fun! Love all the layers and the straw you used for a tie. You rock!

  12. Cute card. Love the table your dad made for you, how awesome!!
    I am a new follower.So glad I could be in this hop with you.


  13. What a cool card! And that craft table is AWESOME too!

    lots of love,

  14. Awesome craft table!! Loving the card!

  15. Love the tiki card and the matching envelope is awesome! Great job!

  16. Perfect card for your cool dad!
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com